My epic weekend of queuing for Chris Colfer

So this is my account of queuing for Chris Colfer’s first ever UK signing and meeting the man himself. (long post!)

My weekend began around 5:45am on Saturday when my friend and I set off for the 3 hour drive to Bluewater from Birmingham (My friend actually set off from sheffield at 4am to pick me up).

We arrived at Bluewater at 8:50am and made our way to Waterstones (we luckily picked a parking spot only a few minutes away from where we needed to be). We scoped out the area and realised we were the first people there! We waited for Waterstones to open and then told the staff we were there for the signing, to which we got the reply “You do know its tomorrow don’t you?” We got told where to queue and so began the queue and our 28 hour wait until we could meet the main man himself! 

An hour and a half into queuing we almost got turfed out by security who said we might not be able to stay overnight but luckily we got told we could stay and were allowed to queue all night!

It was around 2/3 hours before anyone else arrived so we entertained ourselves, amid being stared at by certain snotty shoppers. The first few hours were fine, but after 2 hours the pain of sitting on a concrete floor kicked in, lol! 

A member of the waterstones staff came and took my photo and tweeted it on their official twitter making me the first official person there, lol!

As the queue grew I met a few friends and spent time catching up with them, and I made some new friends too! I spent some time updating people via tumblr and facebook about the queue length so they’d be there in time to join.

Me and my friend decided we should bring chris a gift and seeing as we were in a shopping centre there was plenty of choice. We decided on cuff links and chose some very british ones, a pair of union jack ones and a pair that were UK stamps, we also got him some union jack handkerchiefs. We also got Brian a gift, giving him some union jack shoes! 

The queue grew to around 140 by the time the shops started to close 12 hours later. By that time my back really was killing me after sitting on the floor for so long. We got our pillows and blankets out at around 11pm but sleep was elusive so I spent time walking around making new friends and chatting up a storm. I met some fab girls who ended up coming to the front of the queue and hanging out all night.

3am I washed my hair over the sink in the toilets which was difficult and entertaining for those watching me, lol.

I attempted to sleep at 4am and got around an hour of disturbed sleep squashed against the banister being stared at by a security guard sitting by my head lol.

Everyone was awake by 6am and by then the queue had grown overnight to around 350 people!

We got ready around 8am and settled in for the next 5 hours of queuing.  Those 5 hours went slowly and more and more people turned up. The queue finally closed at 500 people around 9:30am and the overflow queue closed shortly after that with 100 people. As we got closer to 1pm I got more and more nervous and felt sick. I was shaking with nerves as the time approached. Me and my friend who arrived first got our photos taken with Chris’ books by the waterstones photographer.

When 1pm arrived we were lead into the store and were only feet away from the desk where Chris would be signing. We got our camera’s out ready to take pics and in my case record him walking in. I was shaking so much and could barely breathe I was so nervous. When he walked in I stopped breathing, he is absolutely incredible in the flesh and I was in awe of how amazing he really is. I recorded him walking in then took a few photos before being ushered to the table. 

He looked up at me and my friend and said hi and I was just in awe of him. He was signing our books as my friend and I gave him our gifts, showing him the Union Jack cuff links which he described as absolutely gorgeous, and he loved the Stamp ones even more. When we showed him the shoes we got Brian he laughed and said “Thank you so much, I’ve been meaning to get him some sneakers, he needs to lose some weight” I can only describe his laughter as like angels singing lol! His PR Alla took the gifts for him.

We told him we’d been queuing for 28 hours to see him and he was so shocked, saying “did you sleep here? Oh my god” we told him that we had and that sleeping on concrete was not comfortable. He laughed again and said “thank you so much for doing that” My friend got her books signed and moved away and I stood in front of Chris, he asked me how I was and I replied “I think I need a new spine after queuing so long” He laughed again and said “well with medical advancements we can probably get you one of those” I took my books from him and he looked up at me and we locked eyes. At that moment I swear he owned my soul and I’ll never get it back, looking into his eyes is like looking into the sun and I was in awe. I said “thank you so much” and he replied “bye sweetie” and I almost died!

As I walked away I burst into tears, I was shaking so hard and just sobbing with the emotions of it all. I swear I’ll never be the same again. I’ll remember it forever. It was the most amazing experience of my life.

Chris is amazingly beautiful, a billion times more so than on screen or in photos and his skin is FLAWLESS. He’s witty and incredibly sweet. I swear the moment I set eyes on him I fell completely in love with him. It was worth every single minute of the 28 hours queuing and I’d do it again in an instant for Chris.

I’ll post my pics and video in a seperate post.